Personal Alarms – Some Examples on How a Personal Alarm Will Keep You Safe and Secure

football souvenir colour Football Souvenir Personal Alarms - Some Examples on How a Personal Alarm Will Keep You Safe and Secure
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As humans, being safe is one of our top priorities. In fact, some ‘the wealthy’ people go to extra measures and hire personal bodyguards. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford hiring someone to always watch over us so we need to find a better way.

Here are some ideas for the ‘better way’.

A complete security system is a great way to make your house secure. But what about when you leave your house – who will be watching over you? Unless you live in a dangerous neighborhood, too many people think that they are safe and nothing can happen to them. But what if something does happen? What if they are approached by someone looking to harm them?

Most people will immediately call 911. That’s a good idea but you won’t get any immediate response and the bad guy could do what he wants with you and be long away before the police arrive. No, besides 911 you need help now – you need a Personal Alarm.

Personal alarms are a great device for personal security. They are small, inexpensive and very loud when set off. These alarms come in different sizes and shapes and even color. Some even come disguised as a tube of lipstick. Who would have thought!

Just pull a pin or press a button and 100-130 db of a very annoying sound which should scare any attacker away. And, as an extra, the sound will fill the air and will get immediate attention from anyone around who hopefully will give some assistance. Plus, today everyone has a cell phone and will take pictures of everything so the last thing the attacker wants is his picture shown to the police.

Here are a few other uses for the Personal Alarm:

· If someone is hurt and requires immediate aid. With you yelling ‘get a doctor’ and the alarm sounding to get attention, help will be soon on the way.

· Finding your child if he or she slips away from you in a crown. Teach the child to use the alarm and you will find them very quickly as the alarm is going off.

· Most of us love going for a hike or a run sometimes and we both know that these activities could lead you to deserted places therefore it would be reasonable for one to carry their personal alarm with them.

· If you are in a motel or hotel there is a chance that your valuables could be stolen or you could be attacked. Your Personal Alarm will come in handy in case you have an unexpected encounter with a burglar.

· And what about being away at college? Or walking to your car in a dark parking lot?

Don’t be the victim of crime! Always carry a Personal Alarm with you at all times. Teach your children how and when to use them. You could be sorry if you don’t.

football souvenir colour Football Souvenir Personal Alarms - Some Examples on How a Personal Alarm Will Keep You Safe and Secure
#1 Football Souvenirs & Merchandise Store
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