Queues at Dover as ferry services to Calais and Dunkirk disrupted by weather and shortages

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Ferry passengers heading to France face long queues amid disruption to cross-Channel services from Dover to Calais and Dunkirk.

The delays affecting all of the services were blamed on a shortage of ferries and bad weather yesterday and overnight.

A statement from DFDS Ferries said: “Customers are advised to travel to the port of Dover and check in as normal, they will then be shipped on the next available sailing.

“Members of DFDS’ customer support team are walking car lanes at the port to keep customers informed and assist them.”

It added: “One of the causes of the delays is that one of DFDS’ ships, Dover Seaways, is currently out of service after it made contact with the berth in Dunkirk on Thursday evening due to high winds.

“The ship is currently being repaired and is expected to return to service on Monday or Tuesday next week.

“Dunkirk Seaways, which is another ship on the route that is currently at refit, will be back on the route in Dover on Monday. So the company expects to have its full fleet available from early next week.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport said: “We are aware of queues at Dover, and the Kent Resilience Forum and local partners are working to minimise any disruption by deploying temporary traffic management measures as standard.

“This has been caused by a number of factors, including severe weather in the Channel.”

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